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Vacation / Rental Homes

We understand that a vacant property is lost revenue. Let us help you maximize your property’s income potential by providing your potential clients with a thorough understanding of your property without ever having to see it first-hand.

We will work with you to compile footage that gives the customer a comprehensive understanding of everything your property has to offer. We focus on the features that make it “unique” and highlight anything in the area that you feel is of interest or is enticing, and then present it to them in a fashion that creates comfort and desire. We strive to get the customer excited about booking or renting your property. When a client calls you, we want them to feel as if they’ve already been there, but want to spend time there.
With the competition that exists in Vacation Homes, Time Shares, and Rental properties, anything that you can do give yours an “edge” is very helpful.

If a customer can view your property by simply watching a video from their phone or computer, they are much more likely to act on it.