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The use of drone photography in agriculture has become a quickly growing enterprise with advanced capabilities such as infrared camera technology and even thermal imaging.

Farmers across the country are realizing the benefits that aerial imagery can provide to increase the productivity of land and increase land management efficiency in ways that were never before possible. Aerial views throughout the growing season make it easy to monitor crop needs for various applications such as fertilizer, herbicides, and fungicides. Drones also provide this information quickly and effectively without damaging the crop itself by driving though it with land vehicles to access the field. This becomes especially desirable during wet field conditions when it’s really not possible by any other means. It all computes to higher yields and better returns on investment.

With the margins being so tight in agriculture these days, any edge an operator can provide in regards to efficiency and keeping input costs as low as possible, is extremely beneficial.

Moving forward into the future, Country Exposure, Inc. will be providing additional services in the area of agriculture as demand dictates. We very much look forward to serving the needs of the agricultural community and helping growers maintain productive and profitable operations.