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Aerial Photography Real Estate

Success in real estate is the direct result of how well you can provide your information to potential clients, and reaching the maximum audience possible.

We go beyond the “traditional” way of doing things… We bring your property to “Life”

Aerial Photography Real Estate

We understand that a vacant property is lost revenue. Let us help you maximize your property’s income potential by providing your potential clients with a thorough understanding of your property without ever having to see it first-hand.

We will work with you to compile footage that gives the customer a comprehensive understanding of everything your property has to offer.

Aerial Photography Real Estate

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) also known as drones, is particularly helpful in the engineering and developmental processes of any large construction project. Aerial views can prove to be invaluable tools in initial layout and design, estimating, construction status monitoring in real-time.

Aerial Photography Real Estate

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) can be extremely beneficial to an Operation’s maintenance or inspection program, by providing support to areas that are often “inaccessible” easily by any other means. Such examples are large grain handling facilities, ethanol plants, power plants, towered structures, bridges, etc.

Aerial Photography Real Estate

Nothing beats an “eye in the sky” when it comes to assessing damage from natural disasters or other types of catastrophes. UAS’s can serve as an invaluable tool to survey an area of interest without putting humans in harm’s way.

Aerial Photography Real Estate

Farmers across the country are realizing the benefits that aerial imagery can provide to increase the productivity of land and increase land management efficiency in ways that were never before possible. Aerial views throughout the growing season make it easy to monitor crop needs for various applications such as fertilizer, herbicides, and fungicides.

Aerial Photography Real Estate

If you have an event that needs aerial coverage, we can help. Whether it be sporting events, racing, recreation, etc…if it can be done while staying in the confines of legal and safe drone operation, we can capture it for you. Imagery from above adds excellent coverage value to most any situation!!

Aerial Photography Real Estate

Some of the best images ever captured come directly from Mother Nature and this amazing planet we call home.
If you are looking to capture a specific landscape as a whole, geographical areas of interest, or “unique” properties with awe-inspiring surroundings, consider the footage we can provide.

Scott Simon

Scott Simon

Owner / Operator

My name is Scott Simon, owner/operator of Country Exposure, Inc.

I was raised on a family farm in a small rural South Dakota town where I developed a love for the outdoors and country living. Farm life is in my blood, but I have always had a passion for aviation as well. I have an extensive background in both Commercial Aerial Photography and General Aviation Aircraft Maintenance.

I have served as a Contract Aerial Photographer for nearly 20 years. Throughout my career, I have photographed over 500,000 farms, acreages, businesses, and large-scale operations. I feel I have an exceptional grasp of how to bring out the best in any property to help create “eye appeal”. It truly is an art that comes with experience and a person never stops learning.

I am also a licensed property manager and understand the needs of property owners. Whether it’s improving revenue, assisting with property sales, or simply increasing efficiency of your operation, I’m here to help you.

*My goal is to provide my clients with quality products and services that are not only desirable, but ones that also allow them to excel and be profitable in whatever their venture. I will work to the best of my ability to help you achieve your goals and maintain a professional working relationship that carries into the years ahead. My greatest reward is a successful and happy repeat customer!

Call me at 605-886-1901 to discuss your project today.